Nude and beauty
Nicola Ranaldi

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Nicola Ranaldi was born in Rome and began his career as photographer at a very young age, by working in an advertising studio as printer then becoming agency assistant. It was in fact as assistant that he was taken on by an agency who handled both cinema and theatre contracts thus finding himself in a position to accompany various photographers on their film sets, an experience which was to prove vital In particular within the sphere of the use of lighting. After military service he opened his first photographic studio in Rome, working for the most part on advertising and portraits, (at the some time, it was studying at the faculty of Architecture in Rome). His career took off in 1984 after meeting the Art Director of a renowned fashion magazine thanks to which he started photographing fashion shows in Milan, Paris and New York. It was there, in New York, that he began publishing his first editorial shots for niche magazines. In 1986 he moved to Milan around this time he was contacted by a photographic agent who facilitated projects with various fashion magazines, both Italian and foreign. At present he works on advertising, portraits and beauty, cooperating directly with companies and advertising agencies while extending his research in the field of glamour photography, preferring always to shoot in black & white and developing his own prints personally. He works and lives now in Milan.